Machine assembley: Refrigeration Electrical &Cabinet

Holland, MI posted on October 18

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Tamera Kennedy Holland, MI (49423)
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The primary purpose of this position is to provide assembly service to teams, departments, and other areas in the company. Work independently; using basic hand and power tools, assemble pre-determined components, assemblies, and parts kits from work orders.

  • Be able to read, follow and give direction based on schedule.
  • Follow instructions and complete job assignment.
  • Communicate and interact with department contact persons.
  • Use basic math skills to perform job assignments such as measuring, counting, and completing reports.
  • Wire assembly: Following direction given, pull wire through sealtight to prepare wire assembly.
  • Float tank assembly: Following a diagram and written directions assemble plastic float tanks using small hand tools including knife, screwdriver, wrench, and tap.
  • Window assembly: Using precut widow channel, stuff channel with desiccant material. Following direction given, assemble channel into rectangular shape using precut corner pieces to hold in place.
  • Heater frame assembly: Assemble brackets, insulators, and heater frames following given settings and prints and using spot welder.
  • Heater building: Measure, cut, coil and string coiled wire through pre-built heater frame according to print. Measure electrical resistance using meter.
  • ACS Assembly: Mount electronic components on printed circuit boards according to prints, diagrams, and instruction given in department.
  • ESA Assembly: Cut and prep wire, crimp wire, debur, and install brackets using hand or power tools or automatic crimper.
  • Machine Shop: Using hand or power tools, drill and tap, debur, cut stainless steel, copper, or other materials.
  • Motor Balance: Following step by step instructions, balance small horse power motors and fan blade assemblies.
  • Able to read, decipher, and follow written instructions.
  • Able to use a tape measure or ruler to determine proper lengths of material to be cut, using fractional and decimal based math.
  • Able to use basic math skills and count accurately for determining proper sizes of materials to be used, completing time cards, counting material and parts.
  • Able to lift and move materials and tools weighing 1 lb. to 40 lb., occasionally lifting and moving objects weighing 25# to 50#.
  • Able to perform body movements and physical coordination consistent with variety of assembly processes: bending, leaning, sitting, standing, climbing, arm bending and extension, finger and hand control over small to medium size parts, push and pull exertion.
  • Able to work in confined areas.
  • Able to climb ladders and work at moderate heights to assemble products.
  • Able to recognize and identify color coding on electronic parts and wiring.
  • Demonstrated ability to complete business forms, paperwork, timecards, and production information in a timely, accurate and detailed manner.


Mechanical Aptitude: Some manufacturing experience helpful



Based on skill and experience