How It Works
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apprenticeships made simple.
Everything your apprenticeship program needs to make life easier for your:
Apprenticeship Coordinator
Employers & Supervisors
Running on Day 1
Administrators, sign up and the WorkHands team will have your account live on Day 1
If you love data entry, you can do it yourself. Most programs send us their standards and are up and running with them digitized on day 1.
Invite The Team
Invite apprentices + supervisors to sign up and download the app
Once we've imported your standards, it's time to get your apprentices and supervisors onboard. We can help onboard and train, but it's easy so most of have already figured it out before we get to training.
Track Everything
Apprentices submit their OJT progress when prompted
The system will remind apprentices to submit their hours, competencies, or both for approval. This is done on your schedule, but we'll take care of the reminders to make sure it gets done.
Review + Approve
Keep it simple with supervisors. They approve quickly and go on with their day.
Supervisors approve OJT progress, fill out a competency evaluation, or check in on their apprentices' progress. Everyone's on the same page about what needs to be done and when.
Make your apprenticeship simpler, today
We invite you to join programs across the country that use WorkHands to simplify their apprenticeship program.
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I can’t thank you enough for this product and the support from your team – it really makes my job as an apprenticeship sponsor so much easier and less stressful!”
Danielle R
Apprenticeship Coordinator
LEAP @ Forsyth Tech